I am Cheryl and I am an Image Whisperer…

I have had a lifelong love affair with photography.  I think it began in 6th grade and just continued over the years.  I am self taught and have had the opportunity to hone my skills with friends, family and through my world travels.  Creating images with my Canon is deeply personal to me and time with my shutter is something I relish. Although my initial career path led me into the world of medicine (I am an RN, as well), I have finally allowed myself to delve into my creativity after the constant nagging of my spouse and many friends.  I am very happy to be able to entertain my passion and fulfill my entrpreneurial drive, while still being able to service people.  I am very much a “people person”, and capturing the essence of my clients is the ultimate thrill.  

I want to create some images of you that will allow you to see just how beautiful you really are. Hair and make-up can make anyone look good.  Allowing the soul to take flight is where the magic happens.

It starts with laughter and ends with a lot of fun… That’s where I come in.

I create images for families, couples, teens and seniors.  However, making Women feel glamorous and beautiful is my special joy.  I believe women are great at putting themselves LAST.  This often leads to them “forgetting” who they started out being.  Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of how Amazing and Fiery we truly are and I LOVE being there when the memory comes floating back in!

Come spend some time with me.

Through the lens of my camera, I will show you some things you’ve forgotten about yourself.

You may even discover a few new things…