How Do You DREAM Of Being Photographed?



Make this DREAM a reality

I only ask, because it is my DESIRE to make this dream a reality for you.  Not only do I want to provide you with fabulous IMAGES, I want to provide you with the most memorable photographic EXPERIENCE from our first moment together, through our last.

Star Quality Customer Service

As a consumer, I am always cognizant of outstanding customer SERVICE.  I believe it to be an important factor in driving a business’s success or failure.  Which is how Starbuck’s has been able to get $5 for a cup of coffee!  I believe in providing my clients that same STAR quality service.  Every single one is special and important, and they all get my undivided attention.  It’s an absolute guarantee.  When I tell a client, “This is not about me; it’s ALL about YOU”, it’s not just rhetoric.  I am just the mirror to your soul, captured in my lens.

Why I LOVE working with WOMEN…

First of all… I am one!  I know what layered and complex creatures we are, and I love it.  The beauty of a women lies not on her skin, but IN IT.  What makes her smile, laugh and cry will reveal a lot about her.  She can dress up to the nines and Dazzle in movie star fashion, and be just as Gorgeous in a tee and underwear.  I am so blessed to be a woman and be surrounded by amazing women friends.  We are capable of many amazing things for those we cherish and love.

Love Ourselves

Sometimes, we need to learn how to LOVE ourselves.  All too often we forget to be kind, loving and GENTLE with ourselves.  We put ourselves last, or not on the list at all.  Worse yet, sometimes we allow others to dampen and tread on us.  We allow ourselves to be forgotten.  These are the clients that move me the most.  These are the women that I want to embrace and show the center of their beautiful souls.