It’s Official!

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It’s Official!

CIS IMAGES is now open for business FULL TIME!!

That is right, folks.  I made the jump from PT to FT photographer and I am so excited for all the amazing new opportunities to do what I love on a regular basis!  I have been blessed with a fabulous network of friends and past clients who believe in the work and have done some serious marketing for me (without being asked!)  I am so grateful for the support and moved by the generosity shown to me.  I am bound and determined not to let all that go to waste.

I am hitting the pavement running with TWO marketing photoshoot extravaganzas, one for our BOUDOIR line, The Vixen Collection, and the other is a day of HEAD SHOTS.  Both will be loads of hard work intermingled with much fun and laughter – which is what I’m all about.

Our boudoir shoot is by invitation only and was filled in no time at all by some very lovely and sexy VIXENS I know.  They are getting the full treatment, complete with personalized shopping and styling.  I will be needing hair and make-up artist (MUA) on that special day.  If anyone out there wants to volunteer their services as a creative day, Trade For Prints or at a lovely price, please contact me, ASAP:

Our day of head shots will be by appointment only at our studio – complete with the lighting my AMAZING husband built for me!  I am very excited to be working in my home studio and can think of the countless possibilities this now means for my work.  At the very least, I am no longer subjected to the elements outside my windows.  Since everyone should have a FABULOUS head shot of themselves, and I’m delivering them at a ONE TIME ONLY special price, this day promises to be a busy one (several of the slots have already filled up!)  If you want to jump in on this crazy deal, hit me up!


I also have some actual work up in Annapolis, MD and I have been given an opportunity to fly to Denver, CO in April to participate in some conference photography.  THIS is going to be epic for the studio, as it involves some serious exposure!  I am very blessed and grateful at being asked to participate.  I will keep you guys posted on how that goes – STAY TUNED!

You see?  CIS IMAGES is getting some air time out in the Universe and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.  The minute I ended my day gig, all of these opportunities came flying in – LITERALLY (I received the invitation to participate in the conference just hours after I handed in my resignation letter!)  This tells me the Universe was just waiting on ME.  It was waiting on ME to clear out the blocks and get CLEAR on what I wanted for my business and for MYSELF.  Any negative self-talk, excuses or lingering fear needed to be checked.  While i’m not big on the fear thing, I did have to give myself PERMISSION to pursue this passion fully and completely.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it?  “Permission”?  Yes, permission.  Permission to spread my wings and do something FOR ME – JUST ME.  I can (and will, at a later date) go on about this concept.  However, right now I am interested in only spreading my joy!  I am so excited to see what happens next, NO MATTER WHAT… Laughing


  1. alicia - February 5, 2014 11:57 am

    Congrats Sister Cheryl!
[on going full-time]

    I was checking out your Extravaganza Promotions above.

    I’m kind of a fast mover so I was thinking about the Vixen Collection of Headshots in the Boudoir. I’d like to knock it all out at once.

    Do you think this much would be overkill?

    • iMageWhisPerer - February 5, 2014 3:29 pm

      No, I don’t believe it would be overkill in the least! Matter of fact, it can be easily accomplished – COME ON UP, sistah! I will take care of you… :P

      TY for your kind words of encouragement and for all you do… xoxo