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“If you can push through that feeling of being afraid & trust the healing magic of this process,

really amazing things can happen!”

Cheryl I Schoen


Award winning contemporary boutique photography studio located in North County, San Diego



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first off, I am an image whisperer...

I specialize in editorial/stylized portraiture – think Vanity Fair. My clients all receive a consultation prior to the shoot, so we can get all the details down for how they want to be photographed – wardrobe, accessories, etc… Professional hair & makeup creatives are called in to help create the look they want. During this time a little champagne is brought out to help the client relax a bit. After that, it’s just us – to have fun and create the ABSOLUTE BEST portraits they will ever have of themselves.

I photograph everyone, but working with women and allowing them to step into their OWN beautiful is my special joy. So many pressures to be perfect have led women to a place of self-hatred, and life has made them forget how they started out on their journeys. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of how amazingly layered and perfect we already are. While most folks fear the camera, I’m a trusted friend who can hold their hand and gently lead them back to the one in the mirror who has loved them all along. That is my hope for every single person who gets in front of my lens.

Cheryl is an amazing woman! I have had my photos taken by her and I have witnessed how she works with others as well. She is very professional but also has a wonderful way of making you smile and keeping your interest. Her work is is exactly what you need it to be, professional, fun, or relaxed. I would highly recommend you call her if you are in need of anything photography!
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Find Time

To Celebrate Yourself

and him or her, together

What's included in your private

whisperer session


You, a glass of wine and a professional hair & makeup creative together for about 45 mins to prepare your transformation. During your consultation, we will decide on your special looks(s) – all natural beauty, or full on vamp.


Two hours of nothing but you being gently guided through a Vanity Fair styled shoot. I will lead you through flattering poses to maximize the GORGEOUS in your photos.


Two weeks after your shoot, we will sit for 1-2 hours and go over the incredible images from your shoot. There will be approximately 30 images to review. You only choose the ones you cannot live without. It’s my job to ensure you want them ALL.

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