time to renew

It’s been too long since I last made an entry here- WAY to long. I apologize. I have no excuse other than an overused one- sheer exhaustion! I know that is kind of lame, as we all suffer from that and when one is in the process of ramping up a new business, exhaustion is […]

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let the games begin!

WOW! That is the only word to describe the Fun I had this past weekend with some Fabulous ladies I am lucky enough to call “friends.” They came to help me launch my new line of Beauty / Glamour Portraiture. They had music, cocktails, munchies, an amazing make-up and hair stylist – Carol Federman, and

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running up that hill

“If I only couldBe running up that hillWith no problems…” Kate Bush is on my mind today.  For those of you too young to remember, Ms. Bush was a fabulous 80′s musical artist who wrote this song about men and women not being able to understand each other.  However, I’m likening it to getting my

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