So, we are going to buckle in and find out a little bit about those lovely ladies whose images I captured so easily a week or so ago. The first one is a genuinely sweet and fun natured girl-next-door by the name of Shannon. She is a lovely southern gal whose face should be adorning the pages of Vogue without a doubt! She is just exquisite and my Canon was quite delighted to eat her up.

She is as beautiful in “real-life” as she is here on your screen and is just the most fun, Evah!

“After Having Three Kids, It’s Easy To Neglect Yourself.

I want to look back when I’m old & remember how good I really looked.”

Who Was The First Person Who Made You Feel Beautiful?

My husband (who adores her and is pretty radical, himself!)

See what I mean? We had so much fun tossing on outfits, playing with hair, practicing our Best Cover Girl poses and just having all around Fun.

Ms. Shannon is a serious gym-rat, loves to dance and loves to laugh! I am humbled that she trusted me enough to capture these beautiful images of her – you can see that in her expression. I am happy that she found joy in her images, but more than that, I’m glad she found joy in the experience.

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