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CIS Images

Reveal boxes

These beautiful boxes can transform your images into a frame that can be changed whenever the mood strikes. They are hand crafted in Italy with high quality materials, such as fine Italian leather.

Folio Boxes

These linen covered boxes are the perfect way to store your beautiful images – simple and elegant.


Similar to the 19th century sketchbooks of French artists, this soft pouch holds all of your selected matted prints in the finest quality of Italian materials. Our portrait Collections of 10, 15 or 20 images can be displayed on a table, console or bookcase. Each individual portrait can easily be framed, placed on an easel and gifted to friends and family. Better still, they can be added to year after year!

Wall Art

I am available to help you decorate your home with the portraits of the people you love! From IMPACT pieces to wall art galleries, we will coordinate the style of portrait with the style of your home.

+ Frequently Asked Questions

CIS Images
1. Booking
2. Cosmetology
I Want to Book a Portrait Session. What is the First Step?

Yay! The first thing you need to do is schedule your consultation, so we can discuss how YOU want to be photographed, (who you want to be photographed with), styling / wardrobe suggestions and to review the beautiful products I offer. You may call, text or email me – here.

3. Clothing
4. Payment
What Do I Wear?

At the consultation we will discuss wardrobe – what photographs nicely and what doesn’t. I do not have a studio wardrobe at this time, but I do have a small amount of accessories to offer. A FULL portrait session is worthy of 4-5 outfits you absolutely love and that make you feel BEAUTIFUL.

5. Camera-ready
6. Images
I Am Not Photogenic.

If I had a dime… 

I am going to take the BEST portrait of yourself you have ever seen. Indeed, it is my pleasure to show you the GORGEOUS I see in you. You get to relax and let me guide you through the flattering posing I have come to specialize in. There is no pressure for you to be “on”.

7. Sessions
8. Merch
How Long Are the Sessions?

Typically, a FULL session averages 4 hours, depending on how many outfit changes there are and how many people being photographed.