The Goal Of The Project ||

Identify the target audience
The problem this project is meant to solve
The desired action viewers should take after seeing the project

This is the design & conceptual stage. What we’re concerned with here is how you feel about the look and function of the site and it’s components.

First up will be the Homepage, viewable on desktop:

Header & Footer ||

The header is the purple strip at the top portion that contains your logo and menu and the footer is the portion at the very bottom that contains an opt-in box for automatic posts to be sent and a menu.

The Flow ||

Again, concentrating on the Homepage, let’s finalize the layout first before moving to the other pages. Since I have received no content from you, I have placed what I believe are the correct elements and their placement.

For the Homepage, please provide feedback on these:

Styling the portfolio ||

Layout #1

Layout #2


Layout #3

The purpose of styling is to create a starting point for design to flow. Please provide feedback on the image layouts and galleries.

It helps to say things like #1 is too wide, #3 is too large, #5 has too many images, etc. Think of your feedback in terms of – it’s too much______, not enough_______ or just right.

About page ||

Blog ||

Posts and sidebar are here:

Contact ||

Privacy Policy + Terms ||

Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

After thoughts ||