September greetings to you! My, it’s been a very long time since I wrote a piece. I’m going to have to get better about that (yeah, I know I’ve said that before). However, these days I have some stuff to write about! Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? This is Jen. She is the FACE of CIS IMAGES, Fall 2014.

I know. She is incredibly GORGEOUS and SEXY, but she is SO much more than that. She is incredibly smart, spunky, FEARLESS and funny as well, and it was THOSE qualities that led me to asking her to represent IMAGES. Here’s what I mean, “If you believe you can accomplish something, you can; no joke. Success is a mind game. It is quiet easy to psyche yourself out and tell yourself that you will fail. Mental endurance, strength, agility and tenacity are crucial in success. I am very young, but have accomplished everything I wanted so far in life. I came from a family with very little means; if I didn’t have some critical mental strengths, I wouldn’t be where I am today in the short time. It’s important to develop yourself personally; know your weaknesses, we all have them, and find ways to fill the gap with other peoples’ skills or develop those weaknesses.”

This young lass (27) comes to us from Florida. She attended the University of Florida and graduated with a Business Administration degree in Sports Management. She is the first college graduate in her family and first U.S. Marine in family history! Currently, she is a Captain in the Marine Corps and a fitness competitor (is there anything she doesn’t do?!)

We hit it off from our very first phone conversation, and have had the BEST time working together. We think pretty similarly, and our first shoot not only went off without a hitch, but was styled to perfection just from our phone call (very rare – trust me!) I look forward to our future shoots together.

Aside from our chemistry together, we had one of the DREAM TEAMs from Best Face Forward, Natalie Patrice and Christina Lee on hair & make-up. If you have an event to go to and need some creative styling, please call Kara Reade Gomez (co-owner of Best Face) and ask her to get you these two FLAWLESS ladies! Not only are they seriously skilled at what they do, they are so much fun to work with. Natalie’s work made my re-touch non-existent – SERIOUSLY. If I had to re-touch 5 pictures, that was a lot.

Jen didn’t really need that much “work”. She has amazing skin, bone structure and beautiful green eyes. Matter of fact, she typically doesn’t employ too much make-up in her real life. “Growing up, my mom always told me I was beautiful over and over and over again. Every chance she had, she told me something about me that was pretty. I grew up confident with a positive image of myself.

I didn’t feel that I needed to do anything to be beautiful. I thought I was beautiful without working at it; that may or may not have been true. But, I thought that I was beautiful, without makeup or glamour, and that’s all that mattered.”

We had a beautiful, HOT shoot. Let me tell you that all of us did some laughing on that day and were full of shenanigans. The guests at the Hyatt Regency at Fairlakes will NEVER be the same! Jen is an upbeat, do-anything-once kind of gal (right up my alley!


Did I mention she reminds me of me?), and she is in amazing shape due to her dedication of a 3:30AM gym call (yuck). You would be surprised, however, by her thoughts on being in shape, “I was a size zero and didn’t feel beautiful, curvy or sexy. Beauty is how you envision yourself and how beautiful you feel about yourself. Your self-perception is the only one that matters. There is no one in the world that can make you feel sexy if you believe in your heart that you aren’t.”

This is my lovely friend, Jen. I look forward to building my friendship with her and witnessing her blossom into her womanhood. I think there is a whole lot of woman there, along with those dreamy eyes.

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