mr. demille, we are ready for our close-up…

Star is Born!

How’s that for enthusiasm?  The Website / Blog is underway for CIS Images, and I welcome you all with an open heart and BIG hug.  I look forward to sharing insights, thoughts and most importantly, IMAGES with you.  

The main focus of my work is women. Women are such layered, complex and fabulous creatures to me (it helps that I am one, too!) We are so strong, capable of any task put before us and we easily take such exquisite care of others, while forgetting to take care of ourselves. We carry our hurts within the deep recesses of our beings, sometimes sharing them with no one. When we open up and let go, we find that we are connected by the string of sisterhood, experiencing the same things. Our names may be different, but we have all walked the same path; some are ahead, some walk behind.

I have traveled different roads, and many different paths. I have worked with many a fierce warrior and have taken care of many more than I can count. I have learned many many things from my sisters: about life, love, men, finances, cooking, knitting – you name it. The most important thing these fine women have taught me is: to HONOR and LOVE myself. They’ve also taught me to see how beautiful I am, even when beauty was the last adjective I would’ve used.

And so… while I also create images of the folks these gals LOVE – BFs, spouses, children –

it’s the LADIES who rule the focus of my lens.

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