Whom do you trust?

 It’s a pretty straightforward question that usually elicits some narrowing of the eyes and a side cock to the head… “Why do you ask?” 

Trust is a very precious thing; to trust in someone and have someone’s trust.  It can make or break a relationship, especially in business.  It is my job, as a photographer to instill in you a TRUST of me.  You need to trust that I a) have the skill you require for the photographs you want; b) will lead and direct you in the best way possible for amazing snaps; c) take care of you and protect your image, and d) deliver what I promise.  Those are very reasonable desires to have of your photographer.  I cannot tell you how many times I hear about sessions that had no direction and left clients working on their own in silence.  I’m not sure how you go into a business that requires social savvy and a bit of flair lacking social skill or imagination.  However, that is another blog entry, altogether. 

However, I need to trust YOU, as well. 

I need to trust that you will be honest with what you want, as well as what you need.  I need to trust that you are not going to take advantage of me:  my time, skill or kindness.  I need to know that you are going to pay me for what you hire me to do and I definitely need to know that you aren’t going to STEAL from me.  Lifting snaps from me without permission is stealing – PERIOD.  Lifting a snap and removing the watermark I put on the print is stealing – PERIOD.  You would be amazed as to how many folks take pictures without a second thought.  If you want something from me, ASK.  You may be surprised to find how much I may be willing to GIVE you.

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