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I have had a lifelong love affair with photography. I think it began in 6th grade and just continued over the years. I am self taught and have had the opportunity to hone my skills with friends, family and through my world travels. Creating images with my Canon is deeply personal to me and time with my shutter is something I relish. Although my initial career path led me into the world of medicine (I am an RN, as well), I allowed myself to delve into my creativity after the not gentle nudge of my spouse and many friends.

I'm an image whisperer

Photography fulfills my passion to create whilst still being of service to people. I find photography allows me to nurse and heal in a very different way than I have done for the last 25+ years. I never realized how very creative I was until I began indulging in various hobbies such as knitting, writing, and drawing – to name a few. I do consider myself an extroverted people person”, so nurturing my clients during a shoot is definitely the ultimate thrill!

I love to travel & have lived in a few different places in the world.

I love photographing churches, as it keep me close to the should of my beloved grandmother who taught me so many things, including love for the wooden pews and the smell of incense. I like street photography and the rawness of capturing a moment that perhaps, no one else saw. However, I absolutely delight in photographing WOMEN. There is something to be said about bringing fire into a woman’s eyes, as she discovers / re-discovers just how strong and beautiful she is. It is in a woman’s eyes that the mystery of life lies. Through her special love and care many things transpire. When she forgets to take care of herself, that fire goes out. It’s my job to whisper to the embers and help her breathe life back into that flame.

This is the elixir of our time together

You see, I want to create images of you that allow you to see your divine beauty and nature – the way I and everyone who loves you sees you. Hair and make-up can make anyone look good. The paint and fluff allow you to feel comfortable enough to let me get close. This is the elixir of our time together, because once the connection between us has been sealed – and there is trust – you will allow me to actually see your soul.

Come spend some time with me. Through the lens of my camera, I will show you some things you’ve forgotten about yourself. You may even discover a few new things…

Amazing! Cheryl has the ability to see things that most of us can’t, then capture them and amaze you. She has done many photos of our teaching, our students and the products we offer, and each time what she reveals is far better than what we ever could have asked for. Along the way Cheryl will share her knowledge and teach you how to show off your best you - all the time - not just in front of her lens! If you are looking for a an easy going fun experience and incredible photos, then you want Cheryl!
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