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When I decided to create this Image session, my next model came into my head pretty much straight away. Although we did not know each other super well prior to the shoot, I had to have her in this shoot. I instinctively knew she would photograph so beautifully, and I pretty much saw the whole shoot go down in my mind โ€“ including wardrobe andโ€ฆI was eerily correct!

What Is Your Idea Of Beauty?

Grace, confidence, wisdom and purity.

Who Was The First Person Who Made You Feel Beautiful?

John (her man).

This is a fierce and versatile beauty, who can go from classic Country Club lady-who-lunches, to a W magazine-styled Vamp effortlessly. She has a great innate sense of style and she knows what looks great on her (it doesnโ€™t hurt that she has a fabulous figure!)

I absolutely relished capturing these images for this fabulous lady. The shoot was fun and it gave Jen and I a chance to get to know each other better. She was a bit surprised to learn that I had imagined her shoot almost exactly as it went down. May I add that her images came out unbelievably (what you see here is just a snippet). She was such a great sport and really embraced the entire experience โ€“ for which I am truly grateful for. She was the perfect client for a Glamour shoot!

Thank you, Lady Jen. May our paths be crossed for a long timeโ€ฆ

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