converting the non-believers


No, I am not proselytizing any brand of religion; that would be so so silly of me to do! I am talking about converting a couple of doubting Thomases into believing in their own magical beauty. I am talking about the subjects of my last Image Capture Session, who are incredible people and have two of the most adorable little girls, ever! However, what they didn’t have was any belief that THEY were pretty adorable and HOT, themselves. I sure fixed that.

I started with HER: Catherine. A lovely and dear friend of mine who is brilliant, funny, talented and very beautiful. I’m not convinced this sexy and vibrant woman saw what I did….

Pretty fantastical, huh? I mean talk about transformation, and I don’t mean her appearance, per se. I mean her attitude totally transformed during the course of our session. What started out as an uncomfortable Mom of two, morphed into a seriously SEXY WOMAN who knows the power she wields. It was bloody amazing to capture and even more so to FEEL.

Then, we got the man into the studio and all bets were off…

The minute I saw this in camera, I knew it was just going to flow from there. Meet John… he was just going along for the ride, followed direction well and basically almost fell down when he saw this image. They look like they just stepped out of W Magazine and the IMAGES studio was feeling the FIRE!!!

Prior to the alarm ringing off the hook, I captured this slice of sisterly love.

They are the most delicious sisters I have ever met (they so sweetly and old-fashionedly call each other “sister”)! I have never seen these two cross at each other – Mom says not to believe the hype, “They fight plenty.” However, they also love and respect each other plenty, as well. I truly adore them. I also know that the feeling is pretty much mutual because the little one HATES, DESPISES and DEPLORES having her snaps done in a big way. However, she not only allowed me to capture her pure light, she ENJOYED IT!

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All Roads Lead Back to Mom

She is the one who gave you life, discipline, wisdom and love. Sometimes you like her and sometimes you don’t, but you always love her.

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