Change Can Be a Good Thing

Change.There is a word that can still a heart, mid-beat.

Here, at CIS IMAGES, we welcome change; chase it, at times.  It’s what keeps the creative energy fresh and new, and helps stimulate growth and skill.  It keeps you on your toes and at the top of your game.

But you can’t fear it, or it’ll do quite the opposite, and quickly, at that.

As many of you may (or may not) know, I am the spouse of a US Naval Officer. Inherent with this honor, is the sometimes annoying need for moving and please let me assure you that it can, indeed, be annoying However, it is also a fabulous tool for re-invention and opportunity for ADVENTURE.

The time has come for us to pick ourselves up and shove off to the sunny shores of the west coast, once again, specifically, San Diego.Early in our USN experience, we lived in San Diego (first duty station, actually) and loved it.  We made so many wonderful friendships (which we still have, for the most part) and experienced many of the amazing things California has to offer.  So, when we found out my man would be commanding a post there, it wasn’t too agonizing.  After the winter storm this year, we definitely welcomed the news of change.

What does that mean for CIS IMAGES?  It means I get to do what I love in a new setting, with new Goddesses (and Gods).  I get to bring my version of empowerment and enlightenment to a whole new group, and change it up a bit.  THAT is very exciting to me!

I will, however, make the change with a bit of a sad heart.  After all, I started all of this journey right here, with some fabulous support and encouragement from all of you.  Words will never seem adequate to express my humble gratitude and thanks.  Just know that you hold a very special space.

We will be available for portraits until the end of May 2016.  I may even have time for a few at the beginning of June, depending on how heavy the moving schedule is.  So, if you’ve been procrastinating coming to have a session with me, WAIT NO LONGER.

And if you’re on vacation in the San Diego area (after July), come see me!

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