how to achieve a natural light home studio

This is the look I got when I said I wanted to use the outside covered space I have in my home for a natural light studio.  This, however, is the shot I got on that outside covered space.  Pretty good; not bad.  Sure, I will add some nice white reflectors to bounce the light around a bit more.  I also have some other methods to get what I want.  However, I have pretty nice light out there – not too harsh, naturally filtered through three sunlights, why not use it?!

Light is kind of tricky.  I have been watching it make its way around my house for weeks.  The best light comes from the north and shows itself to me around 11:30AM- 1:30PM EST.  Although my home is not blessed with north facing windows in the rooms that I want them in (my son’s room happens to be one of the BEST lighted rooms in the house), I can use certain spaces consistently and achieve the look I am after… which is a good thing.

So… until I get my dream studio in a loft somewhere, with the most amazing wall of windows, I will continue adjusting my ISO, using my white boards and bouncing light off my reflectors.  I am just happy that I get to do what I love, and chasing the sun is just part of the fun.

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