Spring is in the air and we are feeling happy and inspired, here at CIS IMAGES! The trees are showing the promise of new growth and color. Of course, as I write this I do realize we are headed into a major snow storm, AGAIN, which has the potential of stunting all that lovely new growth for a few more weeks.

UGH!  When will it end?

Nevertheless, creativity cannot be stopped, nor can beauty.  Which leads me to a rather fabulous creative shoot we recently did, featuring two of my muses who were in another one of our shoots.  This time, we dressed them up, painted them and turned on the studio lights.  What we got was nothing short of  AMAZING!

First look was super soft and a tad whimsical.  I call it the “Wood Nymphs”.  Dewy skin and soft make-up shot with soft light on light colored backdrops lead us images that capture a soft innocence, recalling the 1930’s.  I have Sallie Keena Artistry to thank for her exquisite make-up application and creative collaboration.  She is a joy to work with and feeds my creative manic brain brilliantly.  ‘Course, I feel my fabulous accessories helped a bit… that butterfly ring is to DIE FOR!

Second look brought us back further into the 1920’s and into Fitzgerald’s masterpiece of, The Great Gatsby, ala Baz Luhrmann (remember Moulin Rouge?) The outstanding set design of Beverly Dunn, and costume design of his wife, Catherine Martin were definitely called on for this shoot. We kept it simple and went for costuming and serious make-up changes. The results were bloody brilliant, if I do say so, myself! We had so much fun with the props, especially during “freestyle” posing. Yes, the Charleston was done on set, quite well I may add.

Of course, we did start the day with some contemporary shots, inclusive of some HOT head shots. EVERYONE needs a GOOD HEAD SHOT:

Look, I can sit here and rant about how amazing this shoot was.  I can have the ladies here rant and rave about how much fun they had.  However, the only way you are going to find out how much fun it is, is to have the experience for yourself!  What better time to do this than for Mother’s Day – which is coming up on May 11th.

CIS IMAGES is running a special just for you MOMS out there.  You can come by yourself, with a friend, partner or child.  Just come by and be pampered for a couple of hours, and have a fabulous portrait done.  You owe it to yourself – and your family – to have one done.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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