It’s been a bit since I last wrote and that’s because I have been busy doing what I love to do = taking portraits and meeting interesting folks.  In fact, I just recently did a gig in Denver, CO, for the folks with the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) shooting head shots for the participants.  It was a fabulous professional opportunity for CIS IMAGES to get our name out to the community and to get a chance to meet new clients.  My part time assistant (& spouse), Spencer, accompanied me for the four days.

What you may not know about me is that I am a registered nurse.  I have worked in the legal field – on and off – since 2006.  It was my favorite nursing gig (aside from the ER) in my 25+ years working as an RN.  I find it extremely interesting as it appeals to the detective side of my personality.  So, getting the chance to take snaps and have conversation with my colleagues was really fun.  I met some really amazing ladies and enjoyed some really good conversation.

Of course, I was there to perform a service and perform the service I did!  Many head shots were snapped during our 3 days and I hope the ladies had as much fun having them done, as I had taking them.  While no one enjoys having their photos done, I am fairly confident that after a few minutes of hanging out with me, most clients are more relaxed and thus have a better time in front of the lens.  The key is LAUGHTER.  It makes folks forget that a lens is capturing their every move.

Another key for me is to NOT make people smile.  Most photographs have some cheesy pasted on grin that looks fake (unless you’ve been schooled at the Red Carpet University!)  I prefer to have images that contain a neutral face with a smile in the eyes, that progresses to one on the lips.  I find this gives me a more “real” image, and the proof is in the pudding.I also prefer non – traditional head shots (although, on this particular gig, I had to adhere to a more traditional look).  I like a cockier looking head shot that tells the world how confident you are, instead of how much you want to fit in.  

Of course, I understand that sometimes uniformity adds an air of professionalism… But I don’t have to like it! Everyone should have an updated head shot every 2 years.  Mine is coming up and I will have to have my lovely assistant snap one for me.  That should prove to be another blog entry!  If you need to have one and want to have some fun getting it done, give us try:

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