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Terra Centre Elementary School Discovery Garden Project

This little neighborhood school has been (and continues to be) the foundation of my children’s education.  We have been blessed to have some of their smartest and nicest teachers over the years.  I have always tried to give back to this place of learning, as they have given to my family.

When I learned of their need for some professional photos of their lovely garden, BOTH of my hands shot up in the air!  Now, I get to shoot some lovely little pictures for the Terra Centre Elementary School paper, website, or whatever fills their heart with joy.  I am just content to be asked and happy to be able to take part in their efforts.

I must say I am very impressed with the variety of plants and vegetables they grown:  Corn, wheat, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots (just to name a handful).  They have a gorgeous butterfly garden; complete with amazing laughing daisies, and a lovely herb garden with the largest basil leaves I have seen anywhere!  I was even involved in planting tulips one year.

They have compost bins, which appear to have been decorated by the children, along with a fabulously design shed.  Learning about growing their own veggies, and recycling has been fun for my kids.  My son is always quick to tell me what is going on with the Discovery Garden. In this day and age when so much of our nutrition is wracked with hormones and fat, it’s nice to know that our children are being taught some old-fashioned lessons on growing their own food.  It’s even nicer to join them in their learning.

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