Capturing images is what I LOVE to do!

It’s really easy to love it when you have these two to work with. I can’t get enough of these sisters and their relationship with my Canon. They are easy on the eyes and really easy to direct; NATURALS is the term I’m looking for.

My teenage friends reside in Leesburg, VA, and they attend Tuscarora HS and Smart’s Hill Middle School.  They are very busy young ladies, as Nicole divides her time between various Girls’ Field Hockey and Cross Country running.  Adriana plays soccer and is an avid jewelry makes with her mom (I have a few of their pieces – TO DIE FOR!)  So when they said, “YES!” to my request for them to act as my ambassadors in their respective schools, I was flattered and excited – mostly because this means I get to have a few sessions with them as the years tick by.  They also get to help choose their successors with other teens / HS seniors that can foot the bill.

Adriana is my young classic beauty.  Very Victorian features, from her beautiful brown eyes, to her lovely long tresses.  She has such a soft look and demeanor in snaps.  I had to get her to pretend to be an international model on the clock, waiting to fly back to Capri and her BF.  This is what I got… 

Nicole, on the other hand is a natural born SUPERMODEL. It’s a bit hard to believe this of the girl who spends the majority of her time in a pony tail with shin guards on. However, when I tell her, “it’s your turn; gimme some face,” she turns on a dime and gives me THIS drop dead look.

I always have fun with these guys. I think I just relate to this age group well (Gee… does that mean I need to grow up? I hope not). This is a good thing, as I consider shooting them one of my preferred genres! They are fun, full of new ideas and usually not afraid to try things that are different. Super easy to edit, as well, with all that good collagen flying around.

 I will be showing these two off again – no worries.  Stay tuned for them and a whole lotta new spicy teenagers… 

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