Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (2 days left, in fact), so I thought I would share one of my last shoots between mother and daughter.

Some may recognize Cassie and Molly from last year when they were featured on the blog after their phenomenal family shoot downtown at the Capitol building. Let me just tell you how excited I was when I was asked to capture their images, AGAIN! They are such a great family to be around and I can proudly say that they have now become FRIENDS. When I found out the special nature of this shoot, I was immediately humbled and flattered at being asked to capture this moment for them.

Yes, Mother’s Day was a motivating factor for this. However, more than that was Cassie’s desire to capture her child at this magical moment, prior to an upcoming medical intervention. You see, Molly was born with a condition that will require surgical intervention. She’s already had one surgical intervention for this issue, but that was 9+ years ago, when she was just an infant. She has no memory of it. At this surgery, she will be more than aware of the procedure and Cassie’s fear is that she will be forever changed afterward. Cassie and I are nurses and we know all too well how the memory of pain can linger. We also know there are risks inherent with any surgery. This always weighs heavy in our minds and hearts when our loved ones are involved.

Needless to say, I knew this shoot had to be super special! So, I went to work…

What follows are the results from that FABULOUS shoot. I call it, “Tea, Lemonade & Sugar Time”. It was as much fun as it looks and I believe that both, Mom & Daughter were pleasantly surprised.

This was dreamed up in my mind, but set up by my unbelievable team (after a little creative training!), and it went off perfectly. There were peanut M&Ms, gum balls, pixie sticks, lemonade, macarons and even some petit fours. The weather was immaculate and so were the neighboring flowering trees. Clearly, the Universe heard my pleas and sent its assistance – as always.

There were FAR TOO MANY amazing shots taken on that day to repost here. Momma Cassie threw her hands up and gave me “creative license” to design her album as I pleased (yes, fellow photos, I did a happy dance), as she very lovingly told me she would be unable to decide. I was very happy to accommodate her and I know she will be pleased with the end result.

Molly certainly went home with a smile (it could have been all the sugar) and Momma was content to have spent some quality time with her best girl. The memories from the day will go on forever and I am just so happy that I was a part of their joy.

Our children hold our hands for such a short time. We absolutely must do whatever we can to make our time with them special by building these memories with them. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to capture images of yourselves, women!! Our kids need to remember the backbone of the family; the one that keeps it all together and puts it all ahead of herself. While I would love to capture you all, I tell you this not as a business ploy, but because it’s really important.

Now that I’m off my favorite soapbox, I bid you Goddesses an amazing Mother’s Day! Remember, you are fabulous and you RULE THE WORLD!

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