McCarron Family Goes to the Capitol Building, D.C.

I am so excited to finally blog about one of my recent Family Image Capture Sessions down in DC! It was one of my favorites to date. The weather was fabulous, I found parking within minutes of arriving on location (unheard of in DC, I know!) and… my clients were the EASIEST folks to work with! Meet the McCarron Family:

To give you an idea of how this shoot went, I got that INCREDIBLE shot of the group in the first 5-10 mins! I know! Right? Surprised?

This military family of 6 is headed by Tom & his beautiful wife, Cassie. They are the loveliest folks I have met in a while. Of course, I may be a bit biased – they are BOTH north easterners, and you KNOW I have a weakness for that region (arrogant New Yorkah that I am). They have 4 AMAZING kids: Brendan, Paddy, Gerry & the very lovely fairy princess, Molly. I couldn’t have gotten a more FABULOUS group if I had written the Universe a personal note.

This one came pretty quickly, as well. In fact, I think it preceded the above shot…

This is a tough group of boys: Football, rugby, wrestling! I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with them. However, I might want one of them (if not ALL THREE) as my brothers. They are smart, fun, funny and pretty protective over their little sister, Molly.

Don’t let the Fairy Princess package fool you. This blond child is FAR from a pixie. She is every bit as tough as her brothers and incredibly sweet. Definitely, MY kind of chick! Wink

Keeping this family on track is the job of the beautiful, Cassie. She is a no-nonsense Mom, nurse, child-care provider and loving wife. She has the most amazing blue eyes (the WHOLE family does, actually) I’ve EVER seen. They draw you in and keep your attention. She has a fabulous sense of humor and a great laugh. I LOVE how much her family adores her; ‘specially her man…

Her boys adore her, as well. She is super close to all of them and has done an AMAZING job with all her children. They have the most impressive, impeccable manners (Yes, I’m old-fashioned that way, I notice that stuff), and they are really kind.

As you can see – and hear, I was / am pretty impressed and infatuated with this family. They are just plain GOOD PEOPLE and it comes through in their photos, and when you spend any amount of time with them. It’s easy to see how much they love to laugh and have a good time, and how much they care about each other. It was an absolute PLEASURE to capture the light in their souls and their smiles. I hope I continue to work with them for a very long time… Cool

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