exotic & unassuming beauty


Meet Monica. Just a normal gal from the Mid-Atlantic region who grew up, got married and had three kids. Hold the phone! My girl, Monica, is that AND so much more. Firstly, she is an Interior Designer with a discerning eye towards style. She has great taste and is a creative force to be experienced. Secondly, she is a Master Craftsman! Nothing makes this exotic beauty happier than when she is hammering away or nailing up some fierce molding (if you want perfect molding installed call her!)

What Is Beautiful About You?

I am a loyal friend, wife, daughter and mother.

Who Was The First Person Who Made You Feel Beautiful?

My mother and father.

Idea Of Beauty?

Someone who is confident, yet humble, funny, loyal and good listener.

Body Part?

Eyes – I have always liked the color.

This amazing exotic beauty has clearly knocked our socks off (she Blew Up our Facebook page!)

She not only has the most amazing eyes to stare into, what stares back at you is most extraordinary and amazing to behold. She is a loyal friend with the BEST laughter going. She is always up for a good time and hard work (I call her the hardest working woman in the hood!) I feel deeply lucky to have her on-going support; she has been my #1 cheerleader in this endeavor. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Mon! I hope you see how beautiful you are to me and the Universe. May your light shine brightly, always… xo

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